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Linearts for colorists!
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My favorite Tales of Atonement fanart

Family Portrait 2 Commission by menelmaranweBlack Warrior by menelmaranweTime for us to realize by Eternal-Angel-KairiEnchanted Forest by menelmaranweThe Redwalls by BluSilvrPaladinBruce2 by qxvw198Kiss by menelmaranweCoruptiona x Mairtin Commission by menelmaranweArt Trade: Mairtin by Toteka

Linearts and sketches:
Commission - ToAtoneArt Set 5 by BeagleCakesRose and Ivy by susali19Commission: ToAtoneArt Set 3 by BeagleCakesCommission: ToAtoneArt Set 2 by BeagleCakes

Mature art:
Domerati Steeltree by RadprofileTriplets by RadprofileLayla Nude-Lines by ToAtoneArtAvien by RadprofileMadelyn Rose by Radprofile


Simple headshot
Commission for Kandydevil by ToAtoneArt
Gentucca by ToAtoneArt
Any character, OC, anime, novel characters, whatever. This price is for a simple head/bust.

Please understand, we will sketch in OUR styles; not whatever style the character is in from their universe. If you like, we will attempt the style, but request this at your own risk. We make no garuntees of the quality. For sketches based off of humans in photos, we'll try for a realistic approach, as in the first example.

We work in a timely manner for commissions, and will possibly be finished with your sketch between 3 hours to 2 days after getting it, depending on how many commissions we have lined up. Elderly and anthro cost extra.  
Full body sketch
New Ella (Sketch) by ToAtoneArt
Ivy new by ToAtoneArt
Brandon new by ToAtoneArt
Rose new by ToAtoneArt
Madelyn Rose-Riddell (future) sketch by ToAtoneArt
New Chaotica by ToAtoneArt
Full body sketch. Male or female, ranged ages, can do anthros. Make sure you note me about details, and give references of character and pose desired.
Nude (ecchi, hentai-ish) girl sketches
Layla nude by ToAtoneArt
Layla Nude-Lines by ToAtoneArt
Simple nude sketch. You choose the character and tell me generally the kind of girl she is as well as bust size, I choose the pose. If you don't tell me the bust size, I'll have to assume it off of other images of the character. Linearting will cost an extra 200 points. Basic coloring will cost another 300. These fees stack, so a linearted, colored pic will cost 800. If you want simple colors onto the sketch, it will cost 600 points.
Poses or scene sketches--3/4 body
Caos+Pain by ToAtoneArt
New Years Party WIP by ToAtoneArt
We'er not so great at these, but we can try. ^_^

We can do teens, adults, and middle aged characters (will discuss elderly and anthros for a slightly higher price) of BOTH sexes. For groups, plz msg for a quote. Pets or simple accessories no extra cost. More complex accessories cost extra. if you get two characters done of only half bodies, we can cut you a discount.

Make sure you message me about the job with the details (reference images of pose wanted and of character, etc.) BEFORE you pay. Price is only for 1-2 characters, depending on complexity. (pets, animal/creature sidekicks, etc.) One character and a simple pet (cat, dog, blob...) is fine, but two whole characters will cost 450:points:
Character sheet
Young Caos (Finished) by ToAtoneArt
Drego (Finished) by ToAtoneArt
Mairtin (Finished) by ToAtoneArt
Andrew (Finished) by ToAtoneArt
Asine (Finished) by ToAtoneArt
Won't have the grey background unless you ask for it. You get a basic picture of your character in typical clothes, their main weapon (if they use weapons), a close up of one extremely important accessory (family heirloom, morpher, sailor locket...), a miniature of any other important form they may have, and a description of their general personality, race, height, weight, etc.

You also get one of the following for free:

One side kick
One secondary weapon
One second head (useful for transformations etc.)

More extras will cost 100 points each.

Examples: Andrew has a blood raged dhampeal mode, so he has two head shots. Caos has an important pet sidekick, so he's featured with her. Asine and Drego are dragons who often use their human forms, so they get two headshots for free. The alternate form miniature would cost 200 extra points. Mairtin has three weapons he often uses, as well as an accessory, so his also would cost 100 extra points--600 in total.)

If you need help rounding out your character and figuring out things like what their weight should be based off of their body type, what their weight should be, etc., we can help you with character creation for only another 200 points.

As a warning, it WILL be a sketch. If you want it in color, it will be an extra fee.

As many of you know, we've recently been working with 'The Awesome Team' of Marvel Comics Animations, and we'll be putting out a short with them with Andrew Riddell to ABC. Any ideas what we should do next? 

7 deviants said Oppa Gangnam style to Mairtin, with the other characters featured in the background.…
6 deviants said The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya ending, with five of the main teens.…
2 deviants said A version of Bad Apple with silhouettes of all of the more important characters from ToA!…
2 deviants said Gentleman to Andrew, again with the other characters in the background.…
1 deviant said Bakunyumorion (Oppai song) with the teen girls of ToA!…
No deviants said That anime guy dance that's kinda popular right now, with some of the hawter hawties from ToA!
No deviants said A version of Bad Apple with silhouettes of all of the most important characters from ToA--some repeated to really highlight major players.
No deviants said Bakunyumorion (Oppai song) with the women from ToA!…
No deviants said Bakunyumorion (Oppai song) with the teen boys of ToA!…
No deviants said Have a better idea? Make a comment!

People who owe me commissions

:iconpantsu-nee: Group picture of Atone Boys and Girls *PAID*Don't think I'll get it as the member hasn't been on in half a year...*
:iconlullabina91: Mairtin+Madelyn *PAID*Decided not to give me my artwork she owes me randomly... :/*
:iconpammella: Renee and Sano steamy pic
:iconhitokage-san: Atone kids picture
:icontenimo: Assorted book pics *paid*3*


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May 25, 2015
3:35 pm
May 24, 2015
9:07 pm
May 22, 2015
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May 19, 2015
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Songs that say 'me'

Sun May 24, 2015, 11:26 AM
Okay, so...I've had some people ask me some interesting questions, but one that stands out in my mind is "What kind of music do you listen to?" Why? Because I can NEVER answer that question with anything but "Everything".

Look up 'Auty's List' on , and you'll find all the music that I can think of, periodically, that represents how I listen to EVERYTHING in music. Even it is a very incomplete list that is still a work in progress. If you wanna know just a little bit more about me, and who I am, go ahead and check it out.

Here's a list of some of the songs you'll find.

Billy Joel - Piano Man
Eurythmics - Here comes the rain again
Whitney Houston - How will I know
Shakira - Whenever, wherever
Heart - Alone
Missy Elliott - Work it
Dreams come true - Eternity
Dream Academy - Life in a northern town
Faith no more - Epic
Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up
Linkin Park - Numb
BoA - Eat you up
Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger
Utada Hikaru - Beautiful world
Bastille - Pompeii
Mariah Carey - Fantasy
Weezer - Say it ain't so
Will Smith - Miami
Haddaway - What is love?
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
Bad company - Bad Company
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
Eddie Money - Two tickets to Paradise
Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire
Whitesnake - Here I go again
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Journey - Lights
Bette Midler - Moonlight Dancing
Elton John - Your song
Johann Strauss II - "Kiss" Waltz
a-ha - Take on me
Will Smith - Men in Black
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
Santana - Smooth ft. Rob Thomas
Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Wanted to give you guys a little something because I have a second job now (one that actually pays. lol), and as of tomorrow, EVERYONE but one person in HotIce INC.'s Tales of Atonement book department will have a second job. THis is why we've been so slow lately.

But fear not! I'll be uploading some more works very soon to hold you guys over a bit. :)

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It's free pilot time again!

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 6:51 PM
Now, they're running a special; you get 1,000 free credits just for joining! And I get 10,000 for bringing you!!! I sell copies of the pilot for Tales of Atonement on Listia for 2,000 credits on a regular basis, and there are things you can do every day to get MORE free credits! You could get a copy of the book for free!

Art by ToAtoneArt & Xuruki • Skin by MelMuff
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
  • Playing: Watch Dogs
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Get to know M.A. Moreland time again

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 11:42 AM
Tagged by :iconserlink12:

1. What is your name? 
M: Matthew
A: Autumn

2. Do you know why you were named that?
M: I have no idea. I just know the meaning means 'Gift of God', and it was a compromise, because my mother didn't want a junior.
A: Because it's my mother's favorite season.

3.Single or taken? 
Both: Married

4.Have any abilities or powers?  
M: Well, I'm a bo staff wielder, and I know some American kenpo. I used to be wrestler, an avid boy scout, and...I have an epic spot check.
A: Umm...archery, black belt in ninjitsu, orange in tae kuan do, and a yellow belt in judo. I know one style of Chinese swordsmanship, but...I'm not that good at it. lol

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
M: o.0;
A: Oh, I did that back when I was in junior high. Next question! :D

6.What's your eye color? 
M: Hazel. They've been verified by several outside sources to change color between pale blue and medium brown depending on my mood (a.k.a. blood pressure)
A: Brown. Just chestnut brown. Pretty normal.

7.How about hair color? 
M: Dark brown
A: Chestnut brown

8. Have you any family members? 
M: Just the family I've made. I have a son, a daughter on the way, and a wife...a mother in law, brother in law, and her extended family.
A: I have...a very large family. 0.0

9.Oh, how about pets?
M: A parakeet
A: A pomeranian
Both: Two pleco, our son has a ferret, and our daughter has a cockatiel. Autumn's brother, whom lives with us, also has a kitten.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Both: Liars. It ruins relationships, and hurts people.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? 
M: Astrology and video games, mostly. Aside from writing, of course. :3
A: I'm a soft core gamer girl, I play the bass guitar and classical bass... I like to try and dabble in doing some of the art and touch ups for our art, too.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? 
M: Umm...yeah? I'd say even heros hurt people sometimes.
A: It's impossible to never hurt anyone, in any way.

13.Ever ... killed anyone before? 
M: No. Not unless you count a mercy killing of a squirrel in a lot of pain and dying.
A: No comment.

14.What kind of animal are you? 
M: Hawk--spirit animal.
A: Hominid, of the hominidae family.

15.Name your worst weaknesses. 
M: Poor judgement, bad back.
A: lmao I would never list that so openly.

16.Do you look up to anyone at all?
M: Robin Williams, George Carlin, Stan Lee, and Johnny Depp.
A: Hmm... Robin Williams, George Carlin, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy...

17.Are you straight,  gay or bisexual? 
M: Straight.
A: Pansexual. I love whoever I love (as long as they're hominid...!)--sexual orientation be damned. Though, I'm married to someone of the opposite sex. :)

18. Do you go to school?
M: Not right now.
A: Not at the moment.

19.Ever want to marry and have kids one day? 
M: Have*
A: I always wanted that to be a part of my life (though not the main focus, of course), and I have that. :D

20.Do you have fangirls/fanboys? 
Both: We have a few for the book series, yes. :3

21.What are you most afraid of?  
M: Heights.
A: I...have a lot of phobia. That's a hard question to answer...

22.What do you usually wear? 
M: Blue jeans and a t-shirt, mostly.
A: Some kind of nice, but comfortable top, and slacks.

23.What's one food that temps you?
M: Tacos, carnitas, spaghetti, wings...
A: Seafood, mostly. And a good salad--like a blue cheese wedge salad from Outback. Mmm... 

24.Am I annoying you?
M: Not yet.
A: Not really.

25.Well, its not over! 
M: . . .
A: x_x

26.What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
M: Paladin. :3
A: Middle

27.How many friends do you have?
M: A select few.
A: I'm a bit of a loner. I mostly have acquaintances and associates.

28.  What are your thoughts on pie? 
M: Cherry or apple with ice cream.
A: Pi-symbol.svg by serlink12

29. Favorite drink? 
M: Cherry limeade Red Rain
A: Ice tea with a hint of lemon

30. What's your favorite place? 
M: My mind.
A: Agreed^

31.Are you interested in anyone?~
M: My wife..?
A: I'm interested in many people... and the idea of dissecting their mind.

32. That was a stupid question. ... 
M: Hmm? I suppose so, given my previous answers...
A: o.0;

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? 
M: Ocean
A: Ocean. omg, ocean.

34. What's your type?
M: Mouthy, hard to handle, and curvy.
A: Hmm... Kind hearted, at least a 6 on a dime scale, and listens. :D Has to be pretty smart, too.

35.Any fetishes?
M: None thqat I'll list here.
A: hahahaha. Yes. And I leave it at that.

36.Seme or Uke?
M: Seme.
A: Erm... In day to day life, Seme. In the bedroom, very uke... :3

37.Camping or indoors? 
M: Camping
A: Both. It depends. What's the weather? If it's cold, indoors. Otherwise...outdoors, mostly.

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This is the shared account of M.A. Moreland--tag team authors Autumn and Matthew Bartsch, professional writers of the Tales of Atonement book series.
Autumn is a hobby traditional artist that dabbles in digital art, where as Matthew is an urban explorer.
Games: FF8, the Assassin's Creed series, Final Fantasy as a whole. (Not fond of the zealot following of FF7. All the FF's after Tatsuya Namura left the team (FF13 on after) are just... lacking. Anyone who says "Final Fantasy has never had a standard; like Ragnarok or crystals." doesn't know shit about the series. When those idiots are in charge of the game development, I quit.), Elder Scrolls V: SkyRim, Mass Effect. Wish Kingdom Hearts would hurry up and figure out what they're doing before we totally lose interest... (This was written three years before they finally said the game is in development. I'm losing my patience, kupo...)
We love Anime of all kinds, though favorites are
Favourite genre of music: All. lol Country-Rock, Metal-Classical, New Age-SCA, Rap-Pop and everything in between.
Favourite style of art: Semi-realistic anime. (Witch Hunter Robin-ish)

We are VERY anti SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, ACTA, EEA, SOCA (Police can monitor file download histories), SIPA, and HAARP.

Our alts: :icontheauty-sama::iconblusilvrpaladin:


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